Clyte Saunders ( ClysArts - Oil Paintings )

Just - The canvas , the brush , the oil , the paints is not the only thing needed for a painting ,BUT it is the imagination which is the essence of the art to complete.

Clyte Saunders, An simple artist with a difference, who is always have passionate about anything to do with art and its allied subjects. She was initiated and encouraged by all who saw her talent from childhood and this gradually blossomed over time and molded her into the artist she is today. Art was a very serious subject to her and hence she nurtured it.She is very quiet about her work and personnelly attached to what she does. She has served as chief artist/teacher at the Cultural Academy in Chennai India and has imparted important training to amateur artists for over the years..


The world of paintings on your wall ( ORIGINAL OR REPRODUCTIONS ] Its a wonder of Art of life.

Contact Details

: clysarts@gmail.com
: www.clysarts.com

: Chennai , INDIA

"Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt , and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen"
- Leonardo da vinci